Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Making Memories {and taking note...}

                                        Children's  Travel Journal Round-up via 

In the world of online blogs that cover those that live overseas, there is often a distinct difference between the expatriates and the "travelers." Those that live in another country tend to immerse themselves in their country where those who port hop seem to live in a constant movement to the next adventure. Military and foreign service families fall into a different category all together, it seems. While they try just as hard to learn the cultural ins-and-outs of their host country (and most certainly, you cannot do a job that requires this sort of constant change without a bit of wanderlust,) it is hard to separate being a "settler" and a "traveler." I want to capture the experience of both soaking in the culture and settling in to build a permanent (albeit short) residency...and I am hoping that documenting these experiences will help capture these memories for me!

I love these inspiring travel journals (how creative!)...

                                 Source: via Heather on Pinterest

                      Source: via Heather on Pinterest

                                  Source: via Heather on Pinterest

Note to self: buy pretty washi tape before pack out!



a. b. said...

RE: washi tape

This is the second blog in a week to mention this stuff. I'm trying so hard not to buy craft supplies (my only pseudo-addiction) but you're making it hard!

Speaking of journals, I should probably write in mine. I started my blog completely anonymous, but now I'm sort of out. Can't write about the same stuff I used to.

Anonymous said...

And i'm a junkie when it comes to buying craft supplies!!!! Love (check it out!), I make my own cards, and the story goes on and on... Loved your post!

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

I love that washi tape journal! I started journaling because my sweetheart {now my fiance'} thought it would be nice to read them when we're about 80... ;) I think journaling is such a special way to preserve a memory.

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