About me

Hi! My name is Heather and I don't know where I am from.
{How about you?}
All the hats I wear:
  • I am a third-culture kid (grew up in Seoul, S. Korea)
  • I'm a proud Navy wife {read: we move alot!}
  • Mom to a wild and fun little boy
  • Ex-pat to-be: We are moving to Georgetown, Guyana this summer to work at the U.S. Embassy.
  • Grad student/Law School wanna-be {LSAT passed, plans on hold while overseas}
  • creative soul: I like to make things and love to take pictures.
What will you find here? A mix of the serious and fun. When you grow up and/or live overseas, you became very aware of the global issues that effect our world. I have been rocked by this knowledge and have a passion for world issues and charitable efforts. But I will also share the real stuff involved in moving/living overseas (like how to figure out how to pack enough toilet paper to last you 18 months.)  I love the beauty around the world that is captured through the art of photography. {PS-I take lots of pictures.}