32 before 33 List

must have in my house: Sharpies!

Inspired by some of my favorite list makers, Andrea of Hula Seventy, I decided I needed a list of personal goals to accomplish before my next birthday. I have tried not to over-extend myself and have included things for fun, for my health and to develop myself personally. Some of these are less-defined than I would like, so I will be trying to narrow down the specifics on some of these as the year goes on. (I believe that goals need to be SMART.)

Here is my big 32nd year list:
  1. Take a girls-only holiday.
  2. Go vegan for 30 days.
  3. Be able to play any song out of my Broadway songbook on the piano. {Practice, practice, practice!}
  4. Sing in a recital, talent show, etc.
  5. Meet an online friend in person.
  6. Lose 20 pounds. {Confession: I could stand to lose more. But I don’t want to over-goal!}
  7. Throw a party before we leave NC.
  8. Start a moving-overseas blog. --> done
  9. Cook through two cookbooks. {in progress}
  10. Complete a fitness race before leaving for Guyana. (Run, Tri, etc.)
  11. Re-do my resume.
  12. Perfect my canning skills.
  13. Write letter to NC Department of Social Services. {For those that don't know, we are foster parents. However, the journey to this point has been a nightmare of human inefficiency and overt negligence. I will be writing a letter to everyone involved to do my best to advocate for change.}
  14. Teach a class.
  15. Throw a yard sale.
  16. Make yogurt from scratch.
  17. Go geo-caching.
  18. Implement family game night. {one night a month, totally screen free}
  19. Sew something for charity.
  20. Go camping.
  21. Assemble a mini book with Holga pictures.
  22. Make “no knead” bread.
  23. Have a date with my husband once a month. {with no children!}
  24. Get a new camera lens.
  25. Finish the 3 knitting projects I have supplies purchased for. {baby blanket, purse, & sweater}
  26. Participate in 3 Flickr swaps.
  27. Determine/execute a photography self-assignment.
  28. Listen to a lecture on Ted once a week. 
  29. Take a picture that includes me monthly. {full family shot or self-portrait}
  30. Move to a foreign country. {kinda inevitable but a big deal nonetheless.}
  31. Make a piece of jewelry.
  32. Complete 5 quilts {all works-in-progress or with stash fabric.}
Have you made yourself a goal list for this year? How are you doing on them? Share with my a link to your list of goals (birthday or otherwise!)