Saturday, March 17, 2012

I dare you.

I have have started more journals that I can count.

Ones that were supposed be private.
Ones that were supposed to be shared with a friend.
Ones in pretty notebooks with expensive pens.

And I never continue them. I am embarrassed by the transparency that journaling requires. (Because if you aren't real in your journal, what's the point, right?) I am embarrassed by the things I like, that I obsess about. I am embarrassed at the craziness of my dreams. My efforts and thoughts never seem good enough compared to what I think is being written in everyone else's diaries.

Then blogging came along and we all got to read everyone's diaries (although transparency is not as assumed...) I learned that some people DO have amazing dreams. And you know what, it inspired me instead of embarrassed me. I learned that some people are incredible writers and others are less so. I learned that almost all of us have crazy things we like and obsess about. Yes, you can get caught up in what people think of you and how you can compare yourself to others. But, for me, it is very liberating to realize that everyone else's diary is pretty much like mine.

I want to write. And I enjoy doing it among friends. So, on the cusp of a new year of life (33 on the 25th, y'all...) and with so many things going on in my life, I am opening up my journal again.

What are you wanting to do? Big dreams? Just living the little moments in life? Let's share- I dare you!