Friday, June 10, 2011

Georgetown date night options

Georgetown Seawall at night {Source}

While searching in our little Guyana tourist guide, I ran across these little gems of Georgetown nightlife...

Direct from the guide:
  • Celina's Atlantic Resort: resort it is not, but Celina's is the city's only waterfront restaurant and bar...Let the sunset and capuchin monkeys distract you from the sometimes slow and aloof services.
  • Club Latino: area just off the lobby at the Pegasus hotel is transformed into a happening nightclub complete with DJ and Latin dance music.
  • El Club Latino:  (Note: do not confuse with above) Popular west-end hangout with large bar and separate dance floor.
  • Buddy's Nite Club: A popular and safe pick, this ever-growing complex features a disco, pool hall, Chinese restaurant and exercise gym (not necessarily best enjoyed in that order.)
Buddy's, you had me at "disco."

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