Monday, August 15, 2011

I closed my eyes today.

I closed my eyes today on my run. The sun was hot on my face, even though I was one of the first runners on the trail. I had to work a bit harder to breathe through the humidity. But with the flora to my right and the ocean to my left, my eyes closed and I pictured what my morning run will be like in two weeks. My breathing became rhythmic and my senses opened to the smells and the sounds. The birds, the lizards in the path. The conflict of the poverty asleep in the park and the wealth that even I have that allows me to be here in Miami on {a working} vacation. In two weeks, I may get up to run in Guyana and my nose will fill with the same smells of spice, sand and heat. I may be surprised by how different it is. But, today on my run, when I closed my eyes, I was almost there.

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Heather Dray said...

Magnificent run. I had always felt like that when I would run before my hospital shift in Long Beach, CA. There would be homeless sleeping in tents and rifling thru garbage as I ran along the boardwalk. It reminded me to be grateful for my time at the ocean, for my home and shower, and for the long day of work ahead for me.

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