Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things to do when you are a Stay-at-home-in-someone-else's-home-Mom





Things to do when you are unemployed, dealing with extreme minimalism in the toy/distraction area, and living in someone else's house (who you really want to try to keep intact from sticky fingers):
  • Discover public parks and spaces.
  • Be a mini-tourist in the area in which you are staying. (Like find a real-life dairy farm and try driving a tractor!)
  • Check out the night life and utilize your hosts as babysitters (thanks, grandparents!)
  • Work that GPS! Don't get stuck inside...get a map and get out and about.
  • Eat copious amounts of ice cream. (It's summer and I am essentially on vacation, right?)

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Miko's Girl said...

The GPS is crucial as is the ice cream. When staying with my MIL without my DH, I found the key to sanity is a bit of wander lust and my GPS. I showed my MIL places she didn't even know about in her town. Happy travels!

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