Thursday, July 7, 2011

From sea to shining sea...

We are officially nomads, starting our multi-state journey before officially heading overseas. Despite a short stomach bug that made me miss the official July 4th fireworks, we did enjoyed our little starting reprieve at the family mountain cabin in the Smoky Mountains. There certainly is no better way to celebrate the beauty of this country than to leave the expansive ocean and to travel to the drama of Appalachia: the white-streamed rivers, water falls and mist in the morning! The drive from the mountains down to Florida featured white-columned homes, red barns and fruit stands. {We definitely made a stop for some Georgia pecans and peaches...}

The next leg of our trip heads north to Ohio...certainly there is no better way to say goodbye to the United States than to be able to road trippin' down the highway.

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Bethany and Will said...

Great to hear you enjoy your time in the mountains. If I would have known, I would have waved to ya'll from my back porch!

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