Sunday, June 19, 2011

{Sunday Dreaming} Mosquito Netting

                                     Source: via Keri on Pinterest

Sunday dreaming of how beautiful I picture our {mandatory} mosquito netting will be in our home... 
{I am ignoring the fact that they recommend soaking the nets in Deet before hanging them up...yuck...}

                           Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

                                       Source: via BrownPaper on Pinterest
                         Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

A girl can dream, right?


Jordan said...

I've been using this on my skin, it doesn't have harmful chemicals like DEET and works really well so far. The first evening spent outside this summer I got close to 40 bites on my back, arms, neck and face. Since I've used this stuff I've only gotten 2 bites in the last week.

Heather Dray said...

Oh, these netting pictures are dreamy. I hope you'll find in real life that you can make them look this beautiful!

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