Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lovin' the List {and welcome from the Springpad blog!}

DIY journal

Welcome to those that came over from the Springpad Blog feature on how I use it to keep me on task! I do love how Springpad has allowed me to keep my information, to-do lists and important documents on hand on all of my electronic devices. If you are a regular Way off Base reader (and I invite you to be, if you are not!), check out the article!

I was asked in a comment on my last post what resources I use for my list making and I wanted to share my favorite resources on the web for all things moving or general task mastering. I typically don't use any source verbatim or exactly how they present it but these resources present good info that you can work out for yourself.  And what better way to share those things but in a good ole' list?


** Can't recommend Tsh from Simple Mom enough...they are a family with young kids that have moved around the world (and the US) a couple of times so her website has TONS of great information on moving overseas, traveling with kids, etc.

Day-to-Day Organization

Hope those lists and resources help you plan an upcoming move (or just use the summer to get organized!) Use what format works best for you, or a combination: apps, online tools (Springpad!) or a paper notebook or journal!
What resources for moving or other big projects do you use? Any favorite websites or links you have to share? I would love to check them out!


Heather Dray said...

Digging the printable planner. There's something so delightful and exhilarating about being able to mark days off with a pen!

a. b. said...

FREAKING OUT. All the moving lists say, "two months before" and "6 weeks before", and we may only have 3 weeks! * long string of muffled expletives *

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