Thursday, June 16, 2011

From where I sit...

Today, I sat in my house observing, changing from sitting on the bed to various chairs as the movers took pieces of furniture out from under me. I filled out my calendar with important dates for the months to come. I planned last playdates, doctor appointments and dinners with friends before we go. The bittersweet excitement that comes with change was poignant in these quiet moments of merely being present as the movers worked.

Tonight, I sit in a {very generous} friend's home, our temporary residence until we head through three different states for my husband to get prepared through schools and meetings for this new job. Two of the military bases happen to be next to both of our parents. One meeting may allow for a short getaway alone for my husband and I. We may even fit in a couple of days at the Happiest Place on Earth. Despite the upcoming whirlwind, despite my worldly possessions being put on a container shipment headed south, despite being essentially homeless, from where I sit, the view looks pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

good to have friends in a time like this, when you just want to shut yourself off and rest!!! :o)

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