Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrating BFF's {and a giveaway!}

my morning routine! by June Vintage
my morning routine!, a photo by June Vintage on Flickr.
I hated The Babysitter's Club when I was growing up....
More specifically, I liked reading the books but could not figure out for the life of me how people could be friends for so long and be that close! As a third-culture kid growing up overseas, friends came and went and the idea of life-long friends totally baffled my mind. But, as a grown up, knowing we will move in 2-3 years, I have matured in how I view the whole BFF thing...and I celebrate the friends that I have who I don't see often but still email each other when no one else "would quite understand." I celebrate the friends that I made here in such a short period of time but will forever be counted as some of my best friends. When you move often, friendship becomes something other than what it is often defined as in books and movies. But that makes it all the sweeter! Isn't friendship the best when you can be away from each other and when you are back together, it feels like no time has passed?? {and thank goodness for email, Facebook, and Skype!}

quiet time

And to celebrate the best friends in our lives- a giveaway!

I fell in love with Amanda of Mrs McPorkChop Quilts a long time ago: her quilting skills, her photography, her lovely blog. And getting to "know" her online, I must say that she is one of the nicest people in the quilting/sewing world. She and her best friend, Ashleigh, started The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery to sell some of the cutest little {embroidery and quilting} patterns around.

They, so generously, have given me two patterns to {digitally} giveaway on my blog to my readers and I couldn't be more thrilled.

My favorite Frosted Pumpkin pattern is their Venti Mug Rug pattern...perfect for using up those scraps and makes great little gifts for the BFF's in your life that you love to gab with over a cuppa joe {even if it is via Skype!}. Seriously, the pattern is well written, the perfect size for someone who has never done any quilt piecing before.

The second pattern I love is this cute embroidery pattern: peanut butter and jelly BFF's! I think this would be perfect on a placemat for the kiddo! {Or as a crafty project for those older kids missing their BFF's from their last school...}

To enter, simply leave a comment with YOUR best friend comment/story. (Are you a military/foreign service spouse? Did you move away from your BFF when you were a kid? How do you stay in contact with your BFF's now? I want to know!)
Extra entry: follow this blog and leave a separate comment letting me know you are following Way off Base.
{Giveaway ends on Sunday at 9pm EST}

{And big thanks to Amanda and Ashleigh for the giveaway opportunity!}


Smallbits said...

I love these patterns! I moved away from one of my best friends when I was 7. We moved back to the area when I was 15. On one of my first days back, she asked if me (and a new friend I had just made) if we wanted a ride home when her mom came to pick her up. We agreed. As we were going toward my home, she started talking about a friend she used to have in elementary school who lived in the same neighborhood. Knowing of another Becky in the area when I was younger, I asked what her friend's last name. Lo and behold, she was talking about me :) We're still close friends.
And I agree! Thank goodness for Facebook, email, etc. (I'm an FS spouse.) What a cool giveaway!

Heather Dray said...

Oh, happy dance! I love the patterns, too!

When we moved to Los Angeles, I assumed that the friends that I had in Ohio would pretty much forget about me. And I can't believe how wrong I was. The funny thing is, the friends who kept up with me weren't the friends I actually expected to keep up with me. My RN preceptor (taught me the 'nursing ropes' at my first job) became a very good friend of mine while I was away. We'd FB and chat online and text. Another girlfriend I'd met at my first RN job also kept up with me regularly. When we moved back to Ohio for my husband's unaccompanied assignments, these two stepped up and called themselves my 'hubbies' for while my actual hubby was away. Oh, what fun! They even offered to come into the delivery room since I was pregnant and my husband wasn't initially able to get home for the birth (lucky for them, he was able to in the end!).

I can't even begin to explain what their friendship has meant to me. When I had a 6AM outpatient procedure, my friend Nikki came to my house and drove to the surgery center, watching the baby for me. Oh, and there was 2 inches of ice on her car she had to scrape first and 6 inches of slush and snow to drive through.

Every time my husband has had to return to Iraq after his leave, both of my above mentioned friends (Nikki and Suni) have taken me shopping. Retail therapy is key, yes? And my friend Suni stepped in and took all three of our kids for 3 days while I was away in Colorado for the military. And she took them to Chuckie Cheese. Who does that!? My friends.

I once blogged about this very issue, and I hope you don't mind me posting that entry here:

PS, did I mention I love these patterns!?

SMW said...

You are an amazing woman, and being friends with you has made such a difference in my life. It's crazy to me how much life we have lived since our time together in Virginia. I'm so excited for your newest journey! And I am so happy you have this blog so I can keep up with you and yours late at night in those few quiet moments I have to myself. :)

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