Sunday, May 22, 2011

In my book corner...

What I am reading...various travel books and Pink Boots and a Machete

Guyana highlights from Pink Boots:
Atop Mt. Roraima in Guyana near the Venezuela/Brazil border

On the edge of Kaieteur Falls, the most powerful waterfall in the world...

While I wouldn't say Pink Boots and a Machete is a literary masterpiece, it is a great story about a girl, that finds a profession in a unique journey. Mireya Mayor goes from NFL cheerleader to National Geographic scientist who discovers new life in "remote" locations like Guyana and Madagascar. She talks about several trips to Guyana in this book and they are all full of scary detailed descriptions of the large spiders, huge otters and other amazing wildlife in the rainforest. I can't wait to experience the beauty shown and described in these books!

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