Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making room...

Our house looks more and more like we are moving soon. There are the empty spaces where we took books off the shelf to sell at the garage sale. There are boxes full of clothes to donate and empty drawers where winter gear used to be.

Cleaning out this space we call home now is cathartic. There is change and purging in my life, too. My police certification (good for two years after I leave a department) expired today. And we signed our foster parent termination papers with our social worker.  Closing the door on what has been my identity for so long on the same day that we officially put the "not now" stamp on our adoption plans is far more challenging that throwing away physical items. 

But, like with the sweaters and gloves that have been emptied from the closet, there is an empty space waiting to be filled with something new. Something different and exciting. Something more appropriate for the direction we are pointed in now. Some spaces will remain empty, like the extra chairs at our table, waiting until timing, circumstance and divinity work together to allow us to grow our family. But, in letting go comes new opportunities. 

And I am getting ready...

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